Useful information

Q: What Equipment Do I Need?

Gloves (16oz) and hand wraps. Decent Head Guard and Mouthpiece. Good running Trainers, water and a towel is also advisable.

Q: When is Training?

A: At present, Training is Tuesday 7.45pm – 8.45pm and Thursday 7.30pm – 8.30pm. Elstow Boxing Gym, Elstow Road, Bedford. MK42 0PJ.

Q: What if I cannot Make All Training Sessions?

We at CWCB understand that life can be hectic. Please keep us informed if you cannot make training. We can write a Basic Programme for you to follow for when you are away from the gym so you can train at your own convenience.

Q: How Much Does it Cost?

It does not cost the individual anything to participate.

Q: What do I have to do to participate on your boxing show?

In order to secure your place on our show, all we ask is that you commit to selling 20 tickets for your ‘Big Fight Night’. In addition, we ask that you show commitment and apply yourself in training.

Q: Do I have to Raise Money for Charity?

Contenders are free to raise money for charity at their own discretion. This is optional. We as an organisation will raise money for Local charities by way of collection from the crowd on ‘Fight Night’. Our chosen charity will differ from show to show.

Q: Will my opponent be better than me?

You will be matched equally and fairly based on weight and boxing ability. We at CWCB pride ourselves on making fair fights. For us, it is about the fighters getting the best possible experience.

Q: Can I still participate if I have a Medical Condition?

You must get clearance from your GP before you can commence any training. We have your best interests at heart.

Q: Do I have to wear Headgear?

Yes. All contenders will wear headgear and 16oz gloves during sparring and on ‘Fight Night’. These safety measures are in place for a reason, to keep boxers as safe as possible. There are no exceptions.

Q: Is there One to One Training Available?

If you require One to One training, this can be organised by the head coach. This will be available at extra cost.

Could you be a Contender?

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